Avi The Cute Avocado Stuffed Plush Pillow

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Introducing Avi the Avocado Pillow Plush

Let this super ripe and cute avocado plush become you best friend.

Brush your hand against Avi's buttery smooth fabric and give Avi a cuddle.

With a delightfully squishable body, a warm cheeky smile and adorable hanging legs, Avi is the ideal companion for any avocado loving fan. 

A woman smiling with plush avocado pillows

Let Avi bring a fresh smile to your face at the end of a hard day.

Place them on on a cabinet or desk and let their legs adorably hang off the edge.

Avi will brighten up any room.

Use Avi as a big avocado plush pillow, and snuggle up to their luxiourously comfortable fabric - drifting away above their soft plushy goodness. 

Woman enjoy a squishable avocado pillow


  • Available in four different sizes: 30cm/45cm/60cm/85cm
  • A lush green body
  • A cute smile, winking face and adorable red cheeks
  • Little sweet tippy tapper feet
  • Premium deep pile fabric
  • Stuffed to the brim with soft fluffy cotton 

Different sizes for an avocado squishy pillow


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