Avocado Jewelry

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Avocado Jewelry


This is a fruit that has many benefits in the human body when consumed. The avocado tree has been said to have originated from the south central of Mexico. The avocado falls under drupe since it has one large seen at the center. This fruit has been associated with many health benefits, some of which include the following;

·        High in nutrients

Avocados are rich in nutrients, and have a rich texture, making it the perfect fruit to add to different dishes. In addition to that, it possesses high flavor, and this is the main reason why it is the main ingredient used in the preparation of guacamole.

·        Helps in losing weight

Avocados are a fruit that are known to help an individual lose weight. It has been shown in various studies that about 20% of people that added an avocado to their diets felt more satisfied is one of the fruits that have been associated with having the ability to help an individual lose weight. Different studies have been conducted to prove if this is true and the results showed that about 20% of the people who added avocado to their meals felt more satisfied, and had decreased appetite for the next five hours after taking this fruit. This means that taking this food is a good strategy to keep an individual full, especially if your main aim is losing weight.

·        Leads to a healthy living

Studies have shown that people who take avocado are healthier as compared to those who are not taking this fruit. This is because the high nutrient content in the fruit lowered the risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases for them. Most people who add avocado to their meals weigh less and have reduced belly fat.

·        High fiber contents

Consequently, avocados have high fiber content, meaning that they are highly indigestible, hence effective in weight loss and reduced blood pressure.

·        Protection of the Eye

The high antioxidant property in avocados makes them the best in protecting the eye. Studies have shown that people taking avocados, experience reduced risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, in turn leading to a healthy sight.

·        Relieving symptoms of Arthritis

Avocados have been shown to help with people that have arthritis. It is a condition that effects people in middle to old age, and they have it for the rest of their lives. Avocados, can have a positive effect and is just another one of the many brilliant benefits of avocados.

Benefits of avocado seeds for health and beauty

Avocado seeds are among the best cosmetic product because of their antibacterial properties. The seeds are effective in controlling acne, dandruff and oily hair. In addition to that, through different methods, you can make different recipes using the avocado seeds, some of which include a scrub, dying cream, hair rinse, and facial masks among others. Furthermore, you can also use avocado seeds to aid in digestion by doing away with any digestion disorders. You can blend it, together with other fruits of your choice and take it as a smoothie.


These are personal; items that are worn to improve on an individual’s physical appearance. There are different examples of jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets and pendants among others. Jewelry occurs in two ways in that there are those that may be attached to the cloth whereas others are attached to the body. Consequently, jewelry are made from different materials, have different patterns and meaning. There are different forms of jewelry, which serve different f unctionssuch as below;

·        Used to secure clothes or hair in place.

·        A ring shows a person’s personal status, that is, married.

·        Symbolizes a milestone, love, mourning or any kind of achievement.

·        Amulets were also worn as a form of protection against the evil.

Consequently, there are different materials that these jewelry are made from, making some to be more expensive than the others. Materials such as gemstone, silver and other metals. All of the different types of materials used in making jewelry have different strengths, making some jewelry to have dents when they fall, whereas others to remain strong and firm, making altering them difficult. Therefore, you can easily decide on the material that you want your jewelry to be made from, depending on how you plan to use that particular jewelry.

Avocado Jewelry

These are different types of jewelry that have been made from avocado. Well, they are not made from real and fresh avocados, but are made from materials in the shape of an avocado. Some of the examples of avocado jewelry include;

·        Avocado necklace

·        Avocado earrings and studs.

·        Pendants

·        Bracelets.

There are different avocado symbols, all which take different shapes and styles to portray different meanings. Putting on jewelry adds style and fashion to a person’s original style, leaving him or her looking good. For instance, best friends may decide that they want something that symbolizes their friendship, and that which they can both have. After coming up with these idea, they can have an avocado necklace or pendant, where each one will take half the avocado symbol. When put together, the avocado jewelry forms one full avocado fruit.

In summary, there are various health benefits of the avocado fruit, ranging from aiding in weight loss, to leading a healthy life free from cardiovascular diseases. In addition to that, there are different types of materials used to make jewelry, depending on the quality and the durability. With avocado jewelry, one can get the best jewelry design, that he or she can share with a loved one.